…And It Begins…

So, A little about me. I’ve been playing with computers, fixing electronics, and programming since before I was 13. Computers have always intrigued me, and unbeknownst to me I started my info-sec career waaaaaay back then. Not knowing what it was called, I found Zero days and executed privilege escalation attacks to get around parental controls my parents put in place, back when the internet was on dial up! Growing up to be a “hacker” was always a dream but I never though it was something that could actually come to fruition. Even still I decided computers were my thing, and at the start of this block I’ve been working in IT for over 10 years now. With the increasing demand for Cyber Security professionals, I realized this was my chance to really head down the path of an ethical hacker (or more respected, InfoSec Professional). Already a system administrator of a small business, I was on my way, but I needed more exposure. So I bought my first server (which I’ll go over more in a later blog) and started working with Server 2008/2012/2016, exploring the security practices I was learning about and documenting them along the way. When I started this, there really wasn’t any good information I could find. No guides or walk-through’s about different security technologies, how to evaluate them, how to test them, how to set them up (etc…). No way to get experience in the field, without being in the field. It was an endless loop that required you to know someone, to network really well, to get a company to take a chance on you and get into a position where you could learn. I hope, that in some little way, this blog will help.

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