Struggling to Find a Way Forward

I’ve been working on a walk-through now for months, thinking it was the best way to move forward and bring beginner knowledge to this blog. But now I see I was wrong. I haven’t been able to find a clear path through all the noise for even myself to follow, and not for lack of trying, there just isn’t any information out there that really explains how to move forward in this industry.

In my writers block I picked up a few new books to read and one of them was “Penetration Testing, A hands on introduction to pen testing”. This book does a lot, and it helped me realize that I’m already more than halfway to being a Pentester. The first half of this book was review for me, which was very inspiring and confidence boosting. It also told me something I already knew; That I need the mentality of a Pentester.

Getting the “mentality” part down is hard. It’s both the same, and very different from blue team thinking. This I think is one of the major area’s I struggle in while trying to transition from “Blue Teaming” to “Red Teaming”. The second biggest thing is the path. Getting to the top of the “Blue Team” food chain has a pretty well-defined path most of the way up. I have yet to come across any solid answer for the “Red Team” Path though. This is partially because there are so many good ways to get there, and because there is really so many different things you can do as a “Red Team” member that differ from blue team (At least from my perspective).

For my next few articles I’m going to put together a series to document the ways I’ve seen to go through each process, How you can grow in each position, and How they relate to each other (Red Vs. Blue, Progression, etc…). ┬áCheck the links below for the articles as I move forward.

  • Blue Team Mentality
  • Specializing in Blue Teaming
  • Crossing Over, From Blue Team to Red Team
  • Red Team Mentality
  • Specializing in Red Teaming

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